Cutting edge

Information overload is in overdrive. We’d never been faced with competition this fierce. Everything today is cutting edge.

Everything today is super smart. Smart TV, home, cars, gadgets, apps, everything.

To survive in this world we need to be on the cutting edge. But that doesn’t mean we have to do everything.

There is no obligation to be on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and all other social platforms. There’s no obligation to do daily exercise, meditation, goal setting & what not. You don’t have to watch every episode of Game of Thrones. Things which are trending today, shouldn’t be done just because.

Unless you want to.

To put it bluntly, we only have to be cutting edge in the things which matter. You get to choose your level on involvement. You get to choose which edges should be razor sharp and which shouldn’t.

If these so called tools we made to simplify our lives are distracting us from what matters most, then you need to review your needs.

When you have so many options available, what your choices are matter more than ever. There’s a fine line between productivity & procrastination, on which side you’ll lie, entirety depends on your choices.

Cutting edge tools are made so that we can slice through our workload with lesser efforts. But, if these tools are making your lives stressful; If these tools are making you bleed your happiness, then the sharpness they provide is seriously not worth anything.


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