Decisions, decisions…

“Decisions are the hardest thing to make, especially when it’s a choice between where you should be and where you want to be.”


Decision making is difficult.

Decisions made without thinking things through are usually bad decisions. Such commitments, initially might seem to be the things we want to do to; they very quickly become the things we have to do. They quickly change from desire to obligation. They become the burdens that we carry simply because we committed to them in a moment of haste. 

On the other hand, taking each decision consciously is very very difficult; if not impossible. 

Decision making takes time and conscious thinking. The fast paced world today, requires us to make real time quick decision. The world is constantly trying to sell us things. It constantly tries to lure us into making impulsive decisions. Trying to give us as little time to decide as possible with their flash sells, midnight sells and combo offers. In fact the business model of all industries depends on this. Impulsive  decision making is the driving force of consumerism. 

The solution? Take a moment. Breath. It may seem urgent, but slow down. The world will still be here. Trust me. 

Remember, if something’s related to money or has long term consequences, it has to be given a long thought. Don’t make permanent decisions based on your temporary emotions. 

You might miss some genuine opportunities, if you follow this approach; that’s true. But that’s the cost, if you want to avoid a minefield full of blunders. Life is full of such minefields. Take each step carefully.


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