1. People have unlimited wants. 
  2. We can do anything we want. 
  3. But, we can’t do everything we want to. 
  4. Human body has certain physical impossibilities, we must respect them. 
  5. But, we mustn’t impose any impossibilities/ restrictions on the mind. 
  6. People die. And they always die sooner than they’d like to.
  7. You’re made of same flesh & blood as people are. 
  8. You can’t always meet the expectations of others. 
  9. But, you mustn’t give up on your expectations from yourself. 
  10. Your dreams give you a glimpse of your potential. Don’t settle for anything less. 
  11. Don’t be frustrated, when your plans don’t work out. Future is uncertain, therefore revision to your plans is important.
  12. Future is uncertain. that’s why it’s necessary to plan your life. 
  13. You’re imperfect. The sooner you accept this fact, the better. 
  14. All the learnings of life lies in the mistakes you make. 

2 thoughts on “Facts

  1. Lots of wisdom in this reflection. I especially like 8 and 9: a reminder to look inward with discipline as well as kindness, to continually aspire to be our own best self, even if we don’t meet others’ expectations.

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