Needs vs Consumption

To meet the rising consumption, we have to produce more. 

To produce more, we’ve to work more, spend more time & invest more resources. 

To earn profit & to recover the resources invested, we have to sell more. 

To sell more, we’ve to convince people that they need to consume more. 

Then you come home with little more money. And what do we do with our extra income? We consume more. 

Generally, the marginal money earned by us is meagre, when compared with extra time invested combined with mental stress suffered & the pressure it puts on our relationships.

So, what this cycle does? It transfers value of your time and the consumer’s money to somebody up the chain.

That’s how the rich gets richer. (While you stay stuck in debt.)

It often seems, that we as a race are racing after some thing intangible- something which is not defined. What are we working towards, really? 

Are the parameters we use for measuring our success, relevant anymore? Is the extra production done, reaching the people who really need it?

What are our needs? Do we really need TV in each of our rooms? How many cars do we need? Do we really need to replace our perfectly fine phones, with their newer versions, just cause the manufacturer has launched them? 

Haven’t majority of us, comfortably fulfilling our needs already? Then what are we working towards?

The things we own end up owning us. 


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