Don’t go just yet

For I have many things yet to say,

& there are many things left to do.

For my fantasies are unfinished,

& my dreams are yet to come true.  

Your lies, 

I know they’re hanging between us,

but let them dangle for a little more. 

Our promises, 

I know they’re broken,

but let’s ignore them for a little more. 

Cause my head might be ready,

but my heart’s not ready to get over you.

Cause I might be saying, 

I hate you;

but I’m still stuck; 

Still stuck in love with you. 

For it’s not pitch dark 

& we can still see,

For the sun might’ve set, 

but the sky’s still a little blue,

Don’t go… 

…just yet.


This poem is in response to the daily post: Unfinished

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