Dear parents, back off please. 

Just because I don’t oppose,

doesn’t mean that I accept. 

it’s not out of my necessity,

it’s only a matter of respect. 

you make my life’s decisions,

just because I let you do so.

but don’t think you’ve the right.

Or I have an obligation.

it’s because of my love I’m still silent. 

I know how big your ego is.  

but don’t think it’s my weakness. 

don’t take my silence for granted, please.   

I’m dangerously close to the breaking point,

& there’s only so much a man can take.   

so back off while you still have time;

cause once this volcano explodes, 

there’ll be no escape.


This poem only captures one aspect of my parents. It’ll be unfair to them, if I don’t mention the insane sacrifices they’ve made in raising me. 

I’m very lucky to have them. Love you mom & dad! Thank you for this amazing life!

But, sometimes you do really piss me off.


This poem is in response to the daily post: Disagree

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