Useless labels 

Where are you from?

Are you a Syrian or are you from Bhutan?

Which God do you follow?

Are you Jewish or are you a Muslim fellow?

What do you eat?

Are you a vegetarian or are you a lover of meat?

What holy book do you preach?

Gita, Koran or the gospels that the bible has to teach?

What does your bank account speak?

Are you poor or are you born-with-a-silver-spoon-in-the-mouth rich?

Tell me the colour of your skin?

Black, brown, milky white or cream?

Which tongue do you speak?

French, Spanish or are you fluent in mandarin?

Tell me.

Tell me all; honest & true.

Or don’t tell me at all.  

Cause what difference will it make?

The boundaries that we drew, hold no longer true.


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