~Stephen Blackwood

I sat down and tried writing about him;

I realised, I don’t know him that well. 

I realised, I should have made more effort. 

But he was almost never there. 

No one tried to invite him,

They knew he wouldn’t be there. 

But just because he couldn’t come,

Does it means he didn’t care?

Little things matter the most they say, I’d say they all lie. 

Coz, it’s based on assumption,

That the big things are already there. 

They are already taken care of.

While he was working late,

Going after the big things you wanted;

His life was slowly slipping away,

Like all the things that he’d wanted. 

It wasn’t ever so, that he didn’t want to come. 

He did want to watch his children grow. 

He did want to live & have some fun. 

But, when he was working so hard to build his home;

He had all but forgotten, that he too, had some dreams of his own.

So, now you see?

He has always been there. 

The least acknowledged person,

Is the one who most cares. 

So remember, there’s some love, beyond what you see. 

Even when he is not,

There, it’ll always be. 

It was never expressed,

But it doesn’t need to be.

For we know it in our hearts;

There, it’ll always be. 


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