Right = Wrong

I’ve realised,

that everybody has their own philosophy.

The lies we all feed ourselves

to remain sane in this insane world.

One’s own version of things.

& like all the things are,

like ourselves,

it is too,

inevitably imperfect.

Take me for an example.

I’m oblivious;


& sometimes deliberately

of the gaping holes in my logic.

& no matter how hard you argue

or how hard you might try

convincing me of my flaws,

I will always be in denial.

Cause things are never right or wrong

& the world was never black or white. 

Things are right when they feel so,

& wrong when they don’t.

So, I honestly think you’re wasting your time;

cooking this whole argument

& trying to feed me your own version of truth.

Cause I believe,

that things are right when they feel right.

& the stuff that you’re telling me right now

doesn’t feel right

even for a little bit.


This poem is in response to the daily post: Argument.

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