~By Stephen Blackwood

I’ve had a hard time learning, how fast people change. 

Just when you begin to think you know them well,

They’ll start acting all strange.

Like the sky with a million shades. 

One second it’s ocean blue, & next moment it’s blazing orange. 


7 thoughts on “Shades

  1. I love the saying , ” When people show you who they are believe them” Maya Angelou

    Most people are the same always but it is our feelings toward them changes. Something that is cute for the first few dates is not cute 5 years later. I have asked every engaged person I meet ” Do you love everything or most everything about the man or woman your engaged to? Or are you hoping the love of a good mate is going to change them? ” If a person your dating is not exactly as you would have them be for the present tense, RUN they will not get better they we get worse. If the person puts you done all the time now they will knock you down later!

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