Quote of the day 

“Every time you’re thinking about spending money, always prefer experiences over things. Always prefer ‘what you want’ over ‘what you should‘. 

You might end up financially poor this way, but if you follow this approach your life will certainly be much richer, happier & memorable.”


One thought on “Quote of the day 

  1. I used to spend too much trying to make myself feel good if only for a moment then immediately upon getting whatever it was to my home I felt horrible.

    I know now what I needed could not be purchased in a store.

    Now when I reach out to a product I ask myself , why am I buying this? Where will I use it? What is its purpose and will it make my life better or worse? Will it end up just another thing to stick in a drawer to end up thrown out or forgotten?

    Do I need it and for what purpose?

    It is amazingreat how many times I put things back on the shelf.

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