~By Stephen Blackwood

There sits one angel, so sweet. 

Sitting alone she weeps. 

What burden does she bear,

Who’s secrets does she keep?

There sits a soldier, so brave. 

He sent so many enemies to grave. 

Still, he bears such a sad face,

What is it that he craves?

There sits a maid, so fair. 

With closed eyes, she prays.

Beautiful as she is,

What more does she need?

There sits a farmer, so skilled. 

Could turn a barren land, if he wills. 

Still he needs to do something else,

& I wonder, what else could he do, so well?

There sits a King, so kind,

Known for good a heart & a peaceful mind.

Still there are many things he regrets,

What more could he have done with his fate?

There sits a frail boy, so sharp. 

With mind as vigilant, as strings are tight on a harp.

Still all he wants is some strength,

What strength does he want, when he has the strength of mind?

There are such faces countless,

Who have a gift, but want someone else’s.

In seeking more and more,

They are dying more & living less. 

Everyone is extraordinary,

Until they ignore ‘their extra’ 

For something extra,

And start living ordinarily. 


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