~By Stephen Blackwood

Lungs burning like hell,

For I’m chasing after you. 

Vocal chords like dried well,

For I’ve been screaming for you. 

Even the dead walls hear it- my screams. 

But you won’t listen. 

Why would you?

After all you don’t need me right now, do you?

Again and again you’ve failed 

Am I to believe, there’s nothing you could do?

Who are you? Please tell. 

Cause it seems like, I hardly know you. 

Can’t see past your petty little troubles,

Blaming others for your mistakes is all that you do. 

Then how do you expect me to forgive you?

Then how can you ask me to understand you?

When you so conveniently forget these words when it’s your turn to do the same?

I don’t understand how. 


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