Questions without answers

~By Stephen Blackwood

Knowing once you’re gone, there’ll be no return,

How to make promises, when you know there’s hope none?

Like Icarus going for the sky- closer to the sun,

Flying higher & higher, knowing it’ll burn.

If you know it’s hopeless to start before beginning,

If you’ve already lost the war, then how do you keep fighting?

Like The field is full of mines & yet you’re walking,

Knowing that death awaits for every step you’re taking.

Then tell me how to walk away,

When all you want to do is stay.

How you say I’m okay, I’ll be fine,

If you know you’re not gonna survive?

The one thing you can’t live without,

How do you kill that primeval want?

How do you say you’ll make it,

Knowing all too well you won’t?

How do you seek answers,
To the questions without one?

Like being trapped in a labyrinth- an eternal one. 

Where one ends, begins another one. 


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