Suit monkeys

~By Stephen Blackwood

When I see someone dying,

I tell myself I’m fine. 

But with each breath I’m dying, too. 

Until my lungs don’t work. 

& Then I’ll officially stop living.

When I see someone crying,

I tell myself I’m okay.  

I try to see my happy life. 

But if I say, I haven’t cried lately;

I know I’d be lying.

When someone follows their passion,

I tell myself to be realist. 

I blame the economic viability of my dreams

& boast of my lifestyle. 

But I’m just afraid of trying.

When I see people in love,

I tell myself- love is for fools. 

I blame the extroverted culture. 

& I stay in my lonely walls

Cause I’m just afraid of committing.

When I see people having fun,

I laugh at their irresponsibility. 

I have much important work to do!

I’ve to build my career, I say. 

In reality, I just don’t want my status declining.

I like to boast my practicality,

But I’m just hiding my lacking courage. 

I might be practically successful, 

But, I’m just showing that I’m not really living. 


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