With your blazing sunshine

& my twinkling moonlight, 

We finally had a complete day. 

Me following you

& you doing the same,

For neither of us knew the way. 

Still it felt natural,

As if for centuries, 

We have done the same. 

Cause now I don’t remember,

What complete darkness ever meant. 

And I don’t know & I don’t care,

Who came first 

& who was the second.

All I know is you begin,

Wherever I end.

You shine through the bank of clouds & I can not.

Your light reaches places, 

I don’t know. 

For your love stronger than my own.

All I know, is to reciprocate the love you show.

But, sometimes I don’t show at all,
& I know it’s unfair. 

For your love always glow,

& who bathes in it, you do not care.  

Where I don’t, you glow even there. 

Well I guess- 

I’m just a jealous lover,

who doesn’t like to share.


Yeah. I didn’t post anything for past couple of days. I had a good streak going on, but I messed up.  

The good side is- the pressure of maintaining a perfect score is off me now. Phew!


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