Skeptic Optimism 

I fall in love with ideas of things;

Not with the thing itself,

Just the idea of it.

Being in love with the end result,

Always leaves me dissatisfied with the process. 

But, the life happens during the journeys 

And not in the rare, fleeting moments of reaching destinations. 

My attachment to the outcome,

Leaves everything else faded in comparison. 

The need to maintain a perfect score,

Makes me quit before I start. 

The classic procrastinator’s trap.

How can I break through that?

The tricks my brain plays to avoid doing work. 

Leaves me broke, frustrated and stuck. 

I’m hoping for different results this year…

I can see myself doing everything right by the end of the year. 

I can see it!

But, I’m skeptical,

Cause, maybe I’m just in love with the destination again.

And it’s simply not enough to get me through the hard work which the journey demands. 


You get defeated too many times and you begin to think like this…

Anybody here ever feel like that? If you do, please share it in the comments. 


This post is in response to the daily post: Year. 

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