Second Promise

Saw you after a long time.

You looked exactly the same.

Everything I loved about you 

was still there.

Your smile stopping my heart,

just like the old times.

Your big, brown, expressive eyes,

moistening up as they met mine. 

& you can’t imagine,

how much I was tempted 

to kiss your tears away,

right there & then.

But, the glittering light 

from the diamond on your ring finger,

somehow outshone the sparkle of your precious tears;

Enough to pull me out of my thoughts 

& stop me in my tracks.

And that’s how, 

I broke my second promise. 

Cause that was the day, 

I became the reason for the tears in your eyes.


The three promises:

1. I’ll always be there for you. 

2. I’ll never be the reason for your tears. 

3. This day forth, no more regrets. 


I know what you’re thinking…

Love does make you do stupid things. 

And yes, I do watch a lot of romantic comedies. 


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