The stars.

A million little wonders.

Trying to brighten up the world. 

Producing twinkles in the night 

& disappearing during day. 

Infinite potential. 

Dissipating in the space. 

All the light we can not see. 

The sunlight blinding our days. 

The sun. 

A nobody. 

A nobody compared to all the stars.

But, he is focused.

He shows up everyday. 

He fights the clouds

& braves the storms. 

He is committed. 

Committed enough to endure loneliness.

Committed enough to show up everyday. 

Burning with desire to light up the world.

Burning with the desire to succeed.

Every single day. 

I think, that’s the price of success. 

Pay that-

& Rule your own horizons.


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