‘How to write stories worth telling?’

My high school English teacher was taking the advance fiction writing class. 

He said-

‘Writing stories is simple.

It’s simple. 

But, make no mistake,

It’s not at all easy.

All you have to do is write. 

Just write. 

Don’t try to control it,

Let it flow like life. 

You will hate some parts

& there will be some 

you’ll absolutely adore

But, that’s the hard part!

You see?

Cause, when you’re the God of your creation;

When you can make moving trees

& create talking elephants

just with your pen;

When you can make zombies fall in love,

just because your love life sucks at the moment;

& you have to let go of that kind of crazy control?

It’s incredibly difficult. 

And that’s the beauty of it!

Let the characters decide, where they want go…

Let them live the life, which they want to live!

You’ll be amazed, by the places they’ll take you to. 

& Don’t worry! 

The work you will produce,

will never be bland!

Cause take any life,

It’s never dull…

It’s always a story worth telling.’

And with that, like the psycho he was; he simply went out of the class.


This one’s for my teachers. 

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2 thoughts on “Fiction

  1. Writing is so therapeutic. Without it, I’d probably be in a psychiatric ward tbh. It enables us to trek new lands and meet worlds of people. I’m always sad for those who say they simply can’t write. They have no idea what they’re missing out on!
    Thanks for sharing!

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