I looked at him.

He looked lost & utterly exhausted.

His usual God like demeanour

had slipped just a little.

Curiosity made me take a peek inside.

The frightened boy from all those years ago,

was still there. 

Afraid of & afraid to love.

Afraid to let love fix the broken parts. 

Afraid of being betrayed again. 

And I was ashamed. 

Cause it was I, who broke his heart for the first time. 

And he was still carrying the wound inside. 

It seemed, what was a casual fling to me,

Was a thing of the lifetime for him. 

& Now, she loved him with all her heart,

Was trying make a fresh new start. 

But, he was too afraid to play his part.

& Now I realise-

The harm cheap love can cause to innocent hearts.

How do I beg forgiveness for such an unpardonable act?


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