Burning Man


I wake up at random hours. 

Soaked in my sweat. 

The world still peacefully asleep

But I’m feverish from my sins. 

I’ve always felt the burn,

But never imagined 

It’d grow so fierce. 


I’m burning from inside. 

Searing blinding pain. 

Pure hell rising under my skin. 

The smell of my burnt hair. 

The stench of my rotten pride in the air. 

Coughing out smoke, guts & lies 

I can’t stand what it tastes like. 

Bloody walls & Evil stares. 

It’s inferno everywhere

& I can’t see anything else. 

Fuzzy mind & shaky legs

I don’t think I’d make it down the steps. 

The family photos with the faces of my foes

They watch, they mock, they sneer at my woes

Melted flesh, boiling blood & pain

Carefully coursing through my veins.

Frying my memories it goes.

Relieving me of myself, 

Reminding me this wasn’t just for pain

Or penance for my past. 

It’s bout cleansing my soul, too

& it’s the birth of a fresh start. 


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4 thoughts on “Burning Man

  1. I sense personal experiences with PTSD in this piece, yes?
    It’s gut wrenching, yet beautifully portrayed.
    Ironically, I wrote a PTSD “inspired” piece a couple years ago. It’s a rough road, but also cathartic to use it & put it into poetry…

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