Wake up.

Get ready for the race.  

The race, we all call as life. 

Life- A tiring job of earning money. 

Money for your landlord, your banker & the taxman.

Money you need, for all the things you don’t really need!

& what if you don’t have any and desperatey need some?

Don’t worry!

Just swipe the card, take a loan and forget about it. 

Forget that you just added another leech to suck life from your life. 

A short term bandage to soothe a fatal cut.


Freedom’s just an illusion. 

It’s a lie- you base all of your truths upon. 

You don’t live for yourself, you live for your bills.

You’re just a puppet in the system’s hand. 

Spending yourself to repay the debt.

Running a race you never wanted to.

An endless downward spiral…

So, you’ve got two options-

You can act helpless & continue running the race till you collapse…

Or you can remove the blindfold & wake the hell up.


This one’s for all of us, who’s lives are troubled, burdened & poisoned by debt. 


My blog reached 100 followers yesterday. I’m grateful to all of you guys for your support! 


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2 thoughts on “Race

  1. I think the ultimate problem here is the increasing concentration of wealth in fewer and fewer hands. This gives a relatively few people disproportionate political power, which they then use to advantage themselves — often at the expense of those much less wealthy than they. For instance, they have every economic incentive to oppose any reforms that would lower or eliminate student debt, and the political power to do so.

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