Imagine living inside a room with infinite mirrors.


Plastered over the walls, the ceilings & the floor.

Reflecting your deepest insecurities.

Screaming out your worst fears. 

Shoving the ugly truths in your face. 

All the things that nobody wants to see….

But, sometimes the world miraculously grants your wish. 

The anxiety & the depression disappears.  

The ugly voices in your head,

the constant buzz of evil,

It all fades away. 

Sometimes even The Satan runs out of his vices. 

And the funny mirrors on the walls of your mind turn reflectionless.

A cloud of numbness rises over you,

& everything goes quiet. 

Leaving nothing but a void of dark, emotionless existence. 

And now you’re afraid of the eerie silences…

& you can’t help, but wish to have your depression back. 

Cause, you need to feel at least something. 

But, the trick is- 

Sometimes the world grants you your wish,

Most of the time it simply doesn’t….


Half of the credit for this poem goes to my friend heyletsthink!


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