Poetry Published in Indian Periodical- ‘Morse Code Morose’

Hi, everyone! Hope you’re having a great weekend. I have got some great news to share.

One of my poems got published in Indian Periodical today. This is my first ever publication and I’m uncharacteristically pleased with myself. A special thanks goes to my friend Devz for the continuous guidance and encouragement.

I’d also like to thank BrewNSpew Cafe for this poetry prompt, on which my poem- Morse Code Morose is based upon.

I’m grateful to all you beautiful readers for your constant kindness and love. If my poem intrigues you, I would appreciate it, if you could leave a comment on the Indian Periodical site. Here is the link-



As if all of that wasn’t enough- my blog reached 500 followers milestone today!

Could this day get any better!?


12 thoughts on “Poetry Published in Indian Periodical- ‘Morse Code Morose’

  1. Congratulations, Stephen! Well done and this is a brilliantly written piece! My Google browser shows the site, Indian Periodical, as an insecure site so I didn’t leave a comment on that site. I haven’t published the wrap-up yet and including the link to your site in this past week’s group. Thank you for joining in.

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