After perfecting addition & subtraction, a six years old is sure he’s a math prodigy.

But then his father starts with multiplication,

Makes him recite all these tables and he knows math is tough.

The son tries, but no matter what he does, he can’t memorize the table of nine.

So he copies from her sister- a year older- sitting beside him.

When the father comes back- He’s pleased.

Exclaims- ‘How smart you are! Mastered multiplication so quickly!!’

The kids are all smiles, beaming back proudly.

Wondering if the bane of mathematics is over finally.

But then the father starts the concept of division.

Blankly the kids stare lost in confusion.

Unable to comprehend what does the monsters of divisor, quotient and remainder do!

The son looks at her sister but her slate is blank and she’s just as clueless, too.

The father tries to bail them out, but even he stumbles with a step or two.

Mutual consensus- they’ve studied enough, the father shall take them out to zoo.

Animals, birds, swings and slides and so many friends to be made!

The happy kids they run beguiled, winning their made up games.

The father finds an empty bench, opens the book and gravely sighs.

With the monsters of division, a warrior alone he bravely fights.


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