The soil of my throat is an itchy, muddy quicksand.

It eats every word I try to speak, quick to calculate the collateral damage.

So, a silent monk I stay, mulling my escape; sinking slowly into a meditation.

Blissful of the smooth rolling accusations of others.

The oxygen knows better not to fuel the flames of pride now.

The heart slows down to a thud.

The giant engines of steam clank and click down to a pause.

I feel the world looking at me expectantly.

The drama is too good to let go.

I’m tempted, but I choose silence over further headache.

I feel the moment of my rebirth near.

I feel forgiveness releasing my tongue free.

But when the shedding of grudges is just complete,

when the angry clouds been almost lifted,

I hear them taunt-

‘He stayed silent, cause he knew it was his mistake.’

I breathe hard, my teeth clenched.

I am not going to lose my calm now.

I struggle with the angry clouds at the bay,

I survive the waves of crashing thoughts,

I block out the mirth of my mindless opponents,

and I hear my consciousness asking very clearly-

‘How did you grow up so fast?’

I smile knowing what only I know.

I return home,

pick up my weapons

and get back to practice.


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I told God:

‘I don’t want the measure of my efforts. I want progress.

I don’t want the reflection of my fears. I want courage.

I don’t want the security of bounded territories. I want free will.’

The God replied:

‘What you ask isn’t something to be wished,

It is earned.’


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When I was 15 and at what till date remains my summit of success, I thought living to be easy.

I thought I knew everything there was to know about life.

I thought I was invincible; lost in the shimmering possibilities of distant horizons.

I thought…

I looked not once at the ground.

But now as I begin rising again and I know I am doing so- gaining heights slowly; mind you, this time I won’t be fooled.

This time, I am already a jar of bubbling excitement.

This time I’m ready.

This time, I won’t sit with my eyes shut.

This time I know it ain’t the last.

This time I’m already eyeing the crowd at the re-entry.


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When you understand that things are not going to get better by themselves;

When you learn that change might be the only constant thing in the universe, but that’s not the case for you;

The only thing that you can do is resolve to change yourself.

It is change that makes life exciting.


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‘Live before you die.’

Year after year,

day after day-

The time runs past.

‘Better you should hurry;

Better you should put on those running shoes, too.’


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