Thank You!

Hello friends,

I started this blog one month ago, on 09/09/16. 

Many of the things are still the same. I’m still lagging far behind studies. I still have occasional anxiety attacks and I still get depressed sometimes. 

But, for the majority of the time I’m happy. And I have this wonderful blogging community to thank for. 

So, thank you! I’m grateful to all the readers & the followers.

I’ve made some positive changes during this month:

  • I’m writing more frequently. This is my 30th post on the blog. (56th post overall.)
  • I’ve started keeping a gratitude journal.
  • I’m meditating daily now. 
  • I’m exercising more frequently now. 
  • I’ve discovered some amazing bloggers. Elsie Bowen, Frank Solanki, eyes+words, bits of poems to name a few. Thanks for your beautiful & inspiring posts. 

Thank you so much guys!


Needs vs Consumption

To meet the rising consumption, we have to produce more. 

To produce more, we’ve to work more, spend more time & invest more resources. 

To earn profit & to recover the resources invested, we have to sell more. 

To sell more, we’ve to convince people that they need to consume more. 

Then you come home with little more money. And what do we do with our extra income? We consume more. 

Generally, the marginal money earned by us is meagre, when compared with extra time invested combined with mental stress suffered & the pressure it puts on our relationships.

So, what this cycle does? It transfers value of your time and the consumer’s money to somebody up the chain.

That’s how the rich gets richer. (While you stay stuck in debt.)

It often seems, that we as a race are racing after some thing intangible- something which is not defined. What are we working towards, really? 

Are the parameters we use for measuring our success, relevant anymore? Is the extra production done, reaching the people who really need it?

What are our needs? Do we really need TV in each of our rooms? How many cars do we need? Do we really need to replace our perfectly fine phones, with their newer versions, just cause the manufacturer has launched them? 

Haven’t majority of us, comfortably fulfilling our needs already? Then what are we working towards?

The things we own end up owning us. 

The Conscious vs The Unconscious

I’ve come to realise, how incredibly difficult it is to make good habits and how easy it is to succumb to bad ones. I want to become a better person. I want to build my character. I want to change. My mind keeps nudging me to get better. But when it is faced with tough decisions & urges of the body, the mental strength nudging me forward miraculously disappears. On the unconscious level the mind refuses to cooperate. Every time I do something I regret, I become more depressed and effort to change gets harder each time. I’ve come to realise that conscious mind is no match for the unconscious. You can’t be conscious all the time and that seems to be the problem. 

Meditation increases your consciousness over time. So, I think it’s time to start practicing meditation regularly. 


Panic. How to handle it?

Well, you can ask yourself following questions. 

(I assure you your panic will be gone by the time you read the last question.)

1.) As an individual, I’m one amongst 7 billion people on the planet. Our solar system is one amongst billion others in Milky Way. Milky Way is one amongst billion other galaxies in the universe. 

So technically, I’m just a dot on a rock revolving around a star. A star, which itself is a dot in the universe.

Now ask yourself, the problem that you’re panicking over; is it really significant?

2.) Okay. Let’s assume your problem is a significant one. But, is there anything you can do about it? Or is it totally out of your control?

3.) What’s the worst that could happen? Is there any possibility that you’ll still be okay afterwards? 

(By okay I mean, will you still be alive?)

4.) What will happen, if you did nothing, but simply kept breathing for 10 minutes?


Truth be told, there’s no order to the universe. Panic & chaos are at the very chore of it. 

We are living on a beautiful planet in midst of the raging hurricane of the universe. The least we can do is appreciate how lucky we are, instead of panicking over our petty troubles. 


This post is in response to The Daily Post: Panic

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  1. People have unlimited wants. 
  2. We can do anything we want. 
  3. But, we can’t do everything we want to. 
  4. Human body has certain physical impossibilities, we must respect them. 
  5. But, we mustn’t impose any impossibilities/ restrictions on the mind. 
  6. People die. And they always die sooner than they’d like to.
  7. You’re made of same flesh & blood as people are. 
  8. You can’t always meet the expectations of others. 
  9. But, you mustn’t give up on your expectations from yourself. 
  10. Your dreams give you a glimpse of your potential. Don’t settle for anything less. 
  11. Don’t be frustrated, when your plans don’t work out. Future is uncertain, therefore revision to your plans is important.
  12. Future is uncertain. that’s why it’s necessary to plan your life. 
  13. You’re imperfect. The sooner you accept this fact, the better. 
  14. All the learnings of life lies in the mistakes you make. 

Decisions, decisions…

“Decisions are the hardest thing to make, especially when it’s a choice between where you should be and where you want to be.”


Decision making is difficult.

Decisions made without thinking things through are usually bad decisions. Such commitments, initially might seem to be the things we want to do to; they very quickly become the things we have to do. They quickly change from desire to obligation. They become the burdens that we carry simply because we committed to them in a moment of haste. 

On the other hand, taking each decision consciously is very very difficult; if not impossible. 

Decision making takes time and conscious thinking. The fast paced world today, requires us to make real time quick decision. The world is constantly trying to sell us things. It constantly tries to lure us into making impulsive decisions. Trying to give us as little time to decide as possible with their flash sells, midnight sells and combo offers. In fact the business model of all industries depends on this. Impulsive  decision making is the driving force of consumerism. 

The solution? Take a moment. Breath. It may seem urgent, but slow down. The world will still be here. Trust me. 

Remember, if something’s related to money or has long term consequences, it has to be given a long thought. Don’t make permanent decisions based on your temporary emotions. 

You might miss some genuine opportunities, if you follow this approach; that’s true. But that’s the cost, if you want to avoid a minefield full of blunders. Life is full of such minefields. Take each step carefully.


Plain simple truth

“If you stick with an idea long enough, only two things can happen. Either your idea becomes your success or it becomes your regret.”

~Stephen Blackwood

Every success is an idea backed with efforts. 

We all have our dreams. We all have our ideas. They might be borrowed, copied or evolved on their own. But they are ours.

There are only three kind of persons in the world. The first kind has an idea, they work on it and they fail. Then they back off. Not only from efforts, but the idea itself. These are the ones, who haven’t figured out their dreams yet. If you are one of them, not settling until you figure out your dream; is the best thing you can do.

The second kind has an idea, they work on it and they fail. They get back up and continue to try. They learn from their mistakes and adapt their approach. These are the ones, who stick with their idea and continue with their efforts. These are the ones who make it. If you are one of these, keep doing what you are doing. You are doing just fine.

The third kind has an idea, they work on it and they fail. Then they get distracted by their surroundings, leaving a trail of unfinished projects. These people are in the danger zone. And unfortunately, most of us fall into this category.

These people let the background noise get into their heads. They let their logic get into their way. These are the ones, who stick with their idea, but fail with their efforts. These are the ones who are hurt most by their failure.

They know that their idea is right. But, they are so afraid to fail again, that they postpone acting on their dreams. They think that they should’ve been more prepared before trying the first time. So, they start working on ‘getting ready’ for their next effort. Their next attempt at their dream.

I have been among these people for a long time. And I have only one thing to say to these people-

Stop fooling yourself.