Human Brain and Individual Uniqueness

The thing with human brain is though the hardware is more or less the same for everyone; the software, the programming isn’t. Unlike a computer, a human brain starts working before it’s fully built. The shaping of an individual depends on his conditioning, experiences and interpretations thereof. Employing relativity and comparing individuals hence therefore is useless; As the emotional and interpretational skeleton of a human brain is formed at a fragile age and is mostly out of a person’s control.

Maybe that’s why parenting becomes so important. Maybe that’s why our system of standardisation and conformity fails so spectacularly at the individual level. Maybe that’s why we feel an inherent urge to rebel against conformity. We must learn to think for ourselves to preserve our special uniqueness. We are not a collection of generic beings. If we were so, our race would never have progressed.

It were always those, who refused to conform, pushed the envelope farthest.

Contentment, peace and semblance of order are the primary objectives of a society; and change can never be achieved through contentment. Such aversion to change is a very dangerous proposition for a race that has managed to survive only by learning to change & adapt. Perhaps that’s where an individual becomes more important than the society. Society needs the courageous few to light ahead the uncertain path of change, so that one day it might cross the same, too.


Just some unpolished, unstructured thoughts. Take everything you read with a grain of salt. Contradictory views and arguments welcome.


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You can’t choose who you love, and you can’t choose who loves you back.

Most of a man’s troubles stem from denial of this fact.

Let your love be for love’s sake.

Detached from all expectations of return.

Not happiness, neither pain- do not let anything be your bondage, but love itself.

Just as you can’t help yourself, but breathe-

Love simply because you can’t help it.


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If there’s one thing I’m absolutely terrified of it’s guilt. And since I’m ruled by my emotions, rather than my values & consciousness- guilt is a friend I’m often forced to visit. I don’t have much of a drive in my life, other than this fear. I know it isn’t ideal or healthy, but it’s just the way it is.

What is your driving force and how do you keep yourself motivated?


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When you’re honest in discharge of your duties, outside criticism and applause can not touch you. But, if you do it expecting appreciation and reward from others; be ready to be rewarded with disappointment and heartbreak.

Enjoyment without fulfilment of your duties becomes guilt. Enjoyment after fulfilment of your duties becomes freedom and happiness.


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For those who like to cook

My ingredients for a perfect day:

Traditional Way:

1. Wake up early.

2. Exercise.

3. Work/study hard.

4. Write something.

5. Listen to music.

6. Go to sleep.


Instant Mix:

1. Wake up late.

2. Eat whatever you want.

3. Don’t work/study at all, simply laze around.

4. Write something.

5. Movies, Books, Music.

6. Sleep as much you can.


Which ingredients you choose do not matter, as long as the final dish tastes same.

But, there’s something to be said about the longevity of happiness of the first way and the indigestion & instant guilt of the second.


What is your recipe of a perfect day?


This is not about the darkness you are in. This is about the light only you can see. This is not about your past. This is about keeping your past from becoming your present again. This is not about who you used to be. This is about who you have become. You may be lesser than what you used to be. But if you can accept yourself the way you are and own your responsibility for every breath you take, you are already on a path to a far better life.


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To The Star Intern

Everybody knows that in every office interns do all the work. Everybody knows that in every office interns get paid the least.

Why is that?

Cause it’s not about knowing how to do the job.

Far from it.

It’s about how the job is brought in, in the first place. It’s about the person, who can take and takes the responsibility of your work. It’s about the person whom the client trusts.

Not you, your qualifications command the respect. Not you, your experience breeds the client confidence.

Knowing how to work is merely the first step. Don’t let it go to your head.


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Some Rules

  1. Eat only when you’re really hungry. Try to taste the flavours in their rawest forms.
  2. Sleep only when you’re sleepy.
  3. Seek entertainment outside gadgets.
  4. Know that your brain has everything it needs to rewire itself and reach the destination you’re trying to get to. (It’s scientifically proven.)
  5. Commit to yourself. You’re the only person, who can judge the sincerity of your efforts accurately.
  6. Study as if you’re playing a video game. Always be keen to reach the solution.
  7. Get better at getting better at things.
  8. Belief is a pesky thing. You either know something or you don’t.
  9. Be present and just live.


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We need the story in our head to match our reality.

Then only we’ll know how to be truly happy.

There are two ways you can go about this:

  1. You can either work on your story;
  2. Or you can work on changing your reality.

It might not seem like it, but I think the second option is easier of the two.


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