Quote of the day 

 “A person practices the art of adventure when they break the chain of routine and renew their life through reading new books, travelling to new places, making new friends, taking up new hobbies and adopting new viewpoints.” 

~Wilfred Peterson


A prayer, A toast 

The thirsty will always scramble for an easy drink. 

Not me. 

I suffer a choosy, insatiable ardour.

Can’t be tamed with a dinky, warm shower. 

This belly needs fire. 

Something rare, precious- a lesson. 

Scathing hot, a unique lesion. 

The burns for the unburnt one. 

Give me that and I will drink. 

And if you can’t,

Then just hand me the biting cold. 

Enough of the chivalrous stillness! 

I’d rather shiver but breathe more. 

Give me the suffering at it’s best. 

This tongue isn’t meant for the average tastes. 

I’ll have the extremes, if you please. 

Can accept a queasy skin but never the spirit. 

Can swallow anything but the glare of extinguished dreams.  

Not air, this heart runs on smoke- 

The flames, they mend on their own. 

Roaring flaws of my skin. 

The cracks in the melted ceiling. 

Seeping warmth, breaching cold. 

A twinkle of star, a silver of hope. 

Rejuvenated embers blink within. 

An old fire reborn…! 

Burning to forge me down. 

I need to polish my sheen. 

No! Don’t bring the easy rain!

I don’t need a respite from pain. 

But if you must;

Then make sure I’m the naked, effervescent magma beneath.

The making of the volcanic rock! 

I sure don’t want to be the mediocre sand. 

Washed away at the ocean’s whims. 

Don’t need the promise of distant lands. 

I’d rather hold my ground. 

So, don’t give me talent God! 

It’s overrated and wasted in abundance. 

Not a lasting fuel. 

I’m looking for a different drink. 

A shot of inner fire and a pinch of wisdom, perhaps? 

A diversion from the nightmares, some courage gluing the gaps. 

No burden of the future, 

No shackles of the past. 

Make me thirst for the present instead. 

Make this moment last! 

Wash me with waves of resistance. 

Sprinkle my wounds with salt. 

Not easy; Give me a tough, engaging act. 

A little bit of discipline- that’s all I ask. 

Give me that 

And I will drink. 

Give me that 

And I will live. 

And I promise I won’t stop. 

Until I’m done or it is finished. 

Until I’m dead or it is achieved. 


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