A note to self 

Don’t dwell too much on who you are, the meaning & the purpose of it all. 

Do what you want and you will find who you are and aren’t-

In your triumphs and falls. 


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A Telephone Story

The telephone rings. 

Murdering the unsuspecting silence. 

I pick up. 


The silence resumes. 

No answer comes. 

And yet I’m afraid to cut the line. 

‘Is that you?’ I ask; tentative, unsure. 

A slight sigh, a give away. 

And my lungs cling on to the air. 

I can hear my own heart beating. 

Or maybe it is hers?

I do not know. 

It’s been a while since our silence talked. 

The tears gather and join the time parade. 

A free fall. 

The ghosts get a touch of life. 

The world heals in silence. 

And the naïveté of imagination builds castles in the air;

Always a sucker for happy endings. 

…And then my cell beeps. 

‘Shit!’ We both say at the same time. 

I fumble around and switch it off. 

But the damage is done. 

The silence is gone. 

The castles fall. 

And the reality takes it’s roots again. 

‘Yeah.’ She exhales. 

Maybe convincing herself all over again. 

‘Yeah.’ I agree. 

The line clicks off…

Maybe this is what, we all can ever get. 

A life punctuated by a series of blank calls and missed chances. 

I make my way back to my room engrossed in my past. 

‘Who was it?’ My present asks. 

‘Nobody sweety. Let’s go back to sleep.’ I reply.

‘Another blank call?’ 

Maybe she knows.

‘Another blank call.’ I reply. 

Maybe she misses someone too. 


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I’ve always loathed the monotonous, drag of a routine. 

And I know we are genetically designed to be optimistic about the future. 

But maybe constance is not such a bad thing. 

Once you realise the flip side of a change. 

And don’t believe everything your gut says; It ain’t a fortune teller. 

The simple truth is- 

No matter where you are; Things can always go from bad to worse. 


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