Internet Addict

I slipped again…

And as I picked my scattered pieces up from the ground-

I saw the Internet devour my day.


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Quote of the day

“Quiet minds cannot be perplexed or frightened, but go on in fortune or misfortune at their own private pace, like a clock during a thunderstorm.”

~Robert Louis Stevenson

Garden of Ghosts

Now that you lie broken at my feet;

I flutter in the wind like a fallen leaf.

Lifeless, aimless, detached.

All the green in the earth is dead.

A pool of red slithers towards me,

I’m a serpent creeping on its belly.

The police sirens cry shrill in the night.

I’m a rooted banyan tree.

My heart dies parched in search of water.

I’m a teary eyed sky.

My gaze is fixed on your face,

The universe stands my frozen witness-

I’ve got blood on my hands.

It was a good life,

I dreamt a beautiful dream,

A life with you-

But ultimately it ends now.

The earth liked to spin, but how long could it go on?

Today the time stops its functions.

Today you take up another star.

Today a new era begins;

And I’m a restless comet skipping through my mind.

Today you’ll get married;

And I’ve got blood on my hands.


It was quite a long hiatus. But no matter where I go, I’ll always return back to poetry.


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When you’re honest in discharge of your duties, outside criticism and applause can not touch you. But, if you do it expecting appreciation and reward from others; be ready to be rewarded with disappointment and heartbreak.

Enjoyment without fulfilment of your duties becomes guilt. Enjoyment after fulfilment of your duties becomes freedom and happiness.


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Learn. Love. Write. Care.

Do it simply for the sake of doing it.

Some journeys require no destination, sometimes the lone pleasure of walking is enough.

You don’t demand an incentive for breathing, do you?


Somethings, some passions, some people begin meaning so much to you; that one day they become your life itself.


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